Saturday, 6 August 2011

...spacing out...

I made up my mind,
I don't care what other people would say
As long as you feel the same way.
I would go to the end of the world with you,
I know it's not easy,
I try to convince myself,
I just want want to be close,
just close enough to know you and me better.
Something more than that is what we'll have to see.

Love needs courage, to face the rumors.
All I need is a firmlook from you,
then my love would have meaning.
We need courage to believe in us.
I can feel you through the crowd,
Please put your heart in my hands.

I have never taken any risks in my life,
Risks that I would not know the outcome.
But with you i'm ready to take it all,
even if it meant breaking me into pieces.

When i'm in love I can't help to be a moth,
attracted to the fire that can help but burn.
I can live for love and I can die for love.