Sunday, 8 April 2012

A Moment of Silence...

Today as everybody is celebrating the resurrection of our Almighty God, we on the other hand is grieving for the passing of one of our beloved relative.

We were all stricken by the news. We thought that Tito has been recovering well from his illness. We all thought that he can surely overcome this obstacle in front of his like he always did. But all our guesses were wrong. We have not anticipated this coming. They said that he was doing well and that in no time he will recover. But then it happened.

I didn't know just what to do but to give them the support they needed. I could not give comforting talks and words to them, all I can give them is hugs and the tears we shared.

Yes, I've been there (when I lost my grandmother) but still everything is really hard to handle. It is never really easy losing someone in your life especially someone who has been there for you always. It is never easy how you can just let go of everything that both you and that person shared.

To my Ate Em who lost the first man that she ever loved, her father, let me just say this. I'll be here if you need someone to talk to. I'll be here if you need someone to share your tears. I'll always be here, as your friend and as your cousin.

To my Tito, you can now rest peacefully with our Lord. Please watch over Tita, Ate Em, Faye, Choy, Micah, Junie and most especially Haley. We will miss you...

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